Introducing WHSDD


WHS Due Diligence is a qualified WHS consultancy service established to assist body corp. committees and small to medium business owners/managers to meet and maintain Work, Health and Safety legislative requirements.

WHS legislation (formerly OHS) was introduced on January 1, 2012 and the legislation effects all PCBU’s, employers and employees.

WHS Due Diligence have developed a simple 8 Point WHS Management System for small to medium sized businesses that is tailored to suit the needs of each individual business.

The WHS Due Diligence 8 Point WHS MS begins with an on-site visit to discuss the needs of the business. The initial visit also includes a site tour to begin the Emergency Management Plan and Identify Hazards.
This process has legal status and contributes to what the regulator (Workcover) refers to as Due Diligence.

The term Due Diligence means the business owner/manager is meeting their legal obligations to avoid, as much as is practicable, notifiable incidents in the workplace.

The WHS DD system also includes training for staff, management and directors.

Toolbox meetings and staff WHS inductions are also part of the WHS DD system.

As the WHS DD system nears completion an on-site advisory visit from the regulator, Workcover is arranged.

Workcover NSW offer a $500 rebate to businesses undertaking the free advisory visit once recommendations are completed.

There are other possible benefits to implementing a compliant WHS Management System including reduced lost time through injury in the workplace, success with government and major contractor tenders and discounts on workers compensation insurance.

Mark Young JP, Dip WHS


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